Open an account

Account Opening Procedure

There are 3 ways of choice that you can open an account with Core Capital Securities. For details of the account opening steps, please refer to below guidelines:

In person

By mail with certified document

By mail with a cheque

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How to choose a suitable witness to certify your application?

After the completion of the Account Application Form, you can either seek a Justice of the Peace, practicing solicitor, certified public accountant, notary public or other professionals who has to be presented in order to witness the signings of documents and related identification documents. 

In addition, the witness has to sign the 9th page of the Account Application Form and to certify the customer’s ID copy.

What if you have no suitable witness to certify your application?

Alternatively, a licensed representative of Core Capital Securities will present and witness the customer signing of the form. (ie the 9th page of the Account Application Form). 

It is important to aware that the account can only be opened when it is accepted by us.

What's next after your application submitted?

The account opening procedures require about three working days. (Counting from the day the Company receives the Account Opening Form and all the supporting documents). Once approved, you will receive the Account No. and password by e-mail. You can also contact our Customer Service Department during office hours at (852) 2287 9178 to check your application status.