Trading Platform

Manage your stock portfolio wherever you want, however you want at your fingertips

Our advanced Trading Platforms

Trading stocks through Core Capital Platform, you shall experience flexibility and high performance online trading facilities. Core Capital Securities Web Trading Platform can be run either on Windows or Mac platforms with most popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. 

For those busy clients who are always on the move, we offer a mobile phone platform which will let you seamlessly connect with the market and your accounts from anywhere. Our new mobile platform Apps, the “Core Capital 1”, which will run on both IOS and Android mobile devices, will provide our clients with a even faster, more convenient and improved user experiences. You shall be able to manage your stock portfolio wherever you want, however you want at your fingertips.

Our online trading platform provides robust performance and highly flexibility for PC and Mac users. The online trading platform supports tons of browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Clients can easily pick up the interface operations with common sense.

We provide both Android and IOS Apps for download. Clients can login and trade through their mobile phones. The mobile Apps will provide necessary functions for trading, either snapshot or real time stock price quotation (depends on the subscribed package), account and profile information, etc.