If you have any questions about our service regarding account opening, fund deposit, settlement instructions or any other questions, please do not hesitate to raise the questions through Contact Us at any time. Our customer service team will be happy to help you.

Please refer to the related topic area:

1. Does CCS accept online application?

Unfortunately, we do not accept online application. You can only make application by visiting our branch in person.

2. Can I open an account if I am non-Hong Kong resident?

Yes, non-Hong Kong residents are welcome to use our services. Please contact our customer service hotline (852) 2287 9178 for more details.

3. Are there any charges needed to open an account?

No. It is free of charge to open an account at CCS.

4. Is there any initial deposit requirement?

No, there is no initial deposit required.

5. What is a joint account?

A joint account is an account that consists of two or above applicants. When it comes to trading orders, deposit/withdrawal of cash or securities, it has to be confirmed and signed by the specific person that is shown on the account opening form.

6. What is the difference between securities cash and margin account?

Securities cash account is an account that does not involve pledging of securities. Clients must need to settle the trading amount on the settlement day, otherwise clients will be charged an overdue interest.

Securities margin account is an account that involves pledging of securities. Clients can use the deposits and stocks in the account as pledges, in order to use them for trade.

7. What kind of document is required on my account application?

If you are a client from Mainland China, please provide your ID card, valid passport and address proof (issued within latest 3 months); otherwise, please provide your HKID or valid passport and address proof (issued within latest 3 months), for example, utilities bills or bank statements.

8. Where I should pay extra attention on my application?​

In order to protect the interests of our clients, we will not process any instructions if the signature cannot be verified, so we suggest clients to remember his/her personal signature.

9. How long does it take to open account?

The application generally takes 3 working days to process after we have received your valid application with all required documents. You will receive our confirmation letter after related procedures are completed.

1. How to deposit funds in my CCS account?

We have several methods for client to make deposit. For more detail please refer to “Fund Deposit & Withdrawal Procedure” section.

2. How to withdraw funds from my account?

If you have already registered a bank account with us, then you can either contact your account executive or our customer service hotline for withdrawal instruction. Otherwise, please fill in the REQUEST FOR FUND WITHDRAWAL FORM for us to process.

3. If I want to change my settlement bank account, what I should do?

Please download and fill in the REGISTRATION INFORMATION CHANGE FORM to update your settlement bank account details.

4. Can I register more than one settlement bank account?

Yes, you can register more than one settlement bank account with us.

1. When is the settlement date in Hong Kong market?

According to HKEX rules, all trades must be settled on T+2 (within 2 trading days).

2. How can I transfer my stocks from another securities dealer/ bank to CCS?

If you want to transfer stocks between brokers, please fill our “SECURITIES INSTRUCTION FORM”, fax or Email to us and notify the other broker. After verifying your signature, we will arrange the transfer.

1. Can I make deposit on the settlement date?

We accept clients deposit fund not later than the settlement date, T+2, 2 days after the trading date; however, we recommend our clients deposit sufficient funds before trade to avoid charges on unexpected delay. For more detail on deposit, please refer to Fund Deposit & Withdrawal session.

2. Can I buy and sell the same stock in same day?

Yes. If you buy and sell the same stock within the same trading day, is called as a “day trade”. You can sell stocks anytime after the “buy” order has been executed. Please check the transaction status from your account executive or online trading system.

3. Can I request any particular quantity on trading?

According to HKEX standards, listing stocks must be traded under “lot” as a multiplier. Therefore, clients cannot have any special request on the quantity.

4. What is Ex-dividend Date? How does the stock price be affected?

In general, ex-dividend date is 2 trading days before the record date (record date will be noticed when dividend declared). Since the dividend will credit as payable on ex-dividend date morning, it will cause a difference between opening price on ex-dividend date and closing price on the day before.

5. What is the difference between Main Board and GEM (Growth Enterprise Market)?

The Main Board and the Growth Enterprise Market are two trading platforms of the HKEX securities market.

Main Board is a market for capital formation by established companies with a profitable operating track record or companies meeting alternative financial standards to profit requirement. Growth Enterprise Market is an alternative market established in November 1999 to provide capital formation opportunities for growth companies from all industries and of all sizes. For more information, please go to HKEX websites.

6. How can I clarify stocks listed on GEM?

You can identify GEM stocks by stock code 8000 to 8999.