Safety of Funds

Safety Of Funds

Protection of client’s fund and assets is of paramount importance to us. Therefor Core Capital Securities has put in place measures designed to safeguard client’s funds and portfolios by way of procedural design, internal control, client monitoring as well as well as by regulatory supervision

Investor Compensation Fund

Investor Compensation Fund is established to offer a maximum compensation amount of HK$500,000 for each securities account pursuant with Section 236 of the Securities and Futures Ordinance.

Client trust accounts

According to Section 149 of the Securities and Futures Ordinance, require client money of licensed corporations or any part thereof to be paid into segregated accounts established for client money and designated as trust accounts or client accounts. All client monies are placed at client own trust accounts and completely segregated from Core Capital Securities own fund.

Core Capital Securities carries out Type 1 regulated activity and regulated by SFC.  Therefore, without client’s authorization, Core Capital Securities prohibits the disposal of the assets in the client’s account.

Operation Control

Core Capital Securities itself is not involved in any large-amount speculative activities or proprietary trading. No matter what the operating conditions of the Core Capital Securities, the client’s money and securities can be transferred out in an appropriate method.  It is irrelevant to the operation of Core Capital Securities, without having to worry about the fund security.

Internet Security

Core Capital Securities employs strong methods of encryption to protect all online activity involving personal or sensitive information between your computer and Core Capital Securities’s systems. At the same time, the security risks can be eliminated in a timely manner through regular vulnerability scanning, and the professional DDOS defense system and intrusion detection system can be used to detect attacks and intrusions to ensure user data security

Internal control

Independent Compliance Department, which is directly reported to the Board of Directors, monitors all operating departments daily. The department is responsible for modifying operation procedures to satisfy the requirements under new regulation or rule changes.

Security Tips for Using Internet Trading Account

  • Don’t disclose the login ID and password of your online account to any anyone (including our staff);
  • Keep a close eye on all trade documents to monitor your online account. Log on your online account regularly, or when you receive e-statement alert from your broker, to review all transactions promptly. Beware of any suspicious or unauthorised transactions;
  • Watch out for any unauthorised changes to your account information such as telephone number, email address and login password;
  • Set a strong password with at least 8 or more alphanumeric characters. Change it regularly and avoid recycling the same password;
  • Type the website address (URL) or use a bookmark to enter the website. Avoid access the website through internet search engine and suspicious pop-up window;
  • Don’t log in your online account when there are unusual pop-up screen or window, or abnormal slow computer response, and when unexpected steps or information are required. Don’t use public computer, or unknown and insecure network connection to access your online account;
  • To protect your computer or mobile device, activate the auto-lock function; install reputable anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware programmes and update them as and when they are released; set up a personal firewall. Use the latest versions of operating system, apps, software and browser. Keep software up-to-date;
  • For the network functions, disable any wireless network functions (e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) not in use. Choose encrypted networks when using Wi-Fi and remove any unnecessary Wi-Fi connection settings.
Please visit the Investor Education Centre’s website to obtain further security tips when trading online.