Core Capital offers clients comprehensive brokerage and related services in Hong Kong and various overseas markets, enabling them to seize investment opportunities and to stay on top of the latest economic and market changes.

Brokerage Service on Global Equities, Bond and Funds

We provide all-round financial services to clients for dealing in global equities, bonds, authorized funds in worldwide recognized exchanges and markets, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and US markets.

Through a single account, investors have access to global stock markets including Hong Kong, Mainland China, the US and Singapore.

Underwriting and Placement

Our ECM and DCM teams provide underwriting, distribution and placement services for corporations listed on recognized stock exchanges and for interested investors alike. We may also provide IPO margin financing services for clients.

Custodian and Nominee Service

We provide securities custodian and nominee services to clients. For clients with needs for specialized securities services, we may also offer agreed-upon collateral and custodian management services as well as other related services to consummate our other service offerings.

Hong Kong Stock Market

To trade Hong Kong Stocks through the platform of Core Capital

China Stock

Core Capital can facilitate our clients to trade China Stocks outside the country through Stock Connects

Global Stock

Core Capital also provides global stocks trading service to our clients